Unlocking America: Is it to soon?

As we keep an eye on the COVID -19 and America being on house arrest for more than 2 months and the economy going down the drain the urgency of unlocking America is being considered is it too soon?  I am writing this post to get some opinions and thought of the readers and all the public on this matter as I wonder myself about all the talk and hype about this epidemic how it came about were it started and why it got put out into the world? I am just like you I would love to know the real reasons for this deadly virus.there are a lot of things that we hear and I am going to list some that I have heard and you have also.

True or False Therorys,

  • Is it man-made? it has been repeatedly said the virus was created by humans is this true are false?
  • Chinese biological weapon?
  • Blaming 5G?
  • Blaming Bill Gates?
  • Did the virus escape from a Chinese Lab?
  • US military imported COVID into China?
  • Covid-19 does it even exist

These are some of the theories that we all will need answers too after this is said and done with are any of theses true are did it even exist if it does exist are they opening the country up to effect more because they did not get enough the first go around? I don’t know any more than anyone else All I know is if are government are any other person is this evil to not have moral values on are life are any other country then they should be dealt with accordingly,

         Grand reopening,

Ok, whether we as Americans think it is time are not it seems they are starting to open some things back up a little at a time this is a good thing as long as the virus is slowing down and showing that it is weakening. Somehow we are always letting someone else speak for us and it shows. And I do hope these congressmen and women do have are lives in their best interest but let us as Americans be alert and be careful because this is my feelings we have already been stabbed in the back. and there are a lot of answers that they owe us. The Democrats are evil and they have proven it time after time that there is nothing they wouldn’t do to get rid of Trump. so please keep your mask on keeping your gloves handy and stay socially distance even when we reopen. let us not take are shield’s down

My Finale Thought,

Thank you a lot for visiting my site and reading some of my posts. what I write about is just my opinion on the subject and in this subject, I hope we all will take it seriously if you have any questions are opinions on this subject I would love to hear each one because I’m open for any answers are thoughts you have so i hope to hear from anyone and I do hope your happy and healthy and my you have a blissful day and thank you again for reading my post




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