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This my story about stress and what causes it as you all know stress can lead to depression and anxiety stress walks around in all sort of life and it has no race color are creed who it attacks and no respect for human life it has a couple of friends that follow it around and in the next couple of paragraphs in this post we will be calling them out, but first lets deal with stress and where it comes from.


KNOCK KNOCK/ WHO THERE? It is stress and I see you are having some problems in your life, so let me help by making it worse, if stress were a living talking thing this is what it would say stress comes from your thoughts and feeling after something tragic happens in your life, for instance, a death of a loved one, or some bad news from a doctor about your health or someone you are close to health, like a friend, or family member, but there are different kinds of stress the one I just talked about is the sad one and we have the one that attacks you, when you get worried from a job loss are getting behind on bills and that leads to one of stresses friends

Come On Inn Anxiety, If stress is not treated this is what happens stress invites his friend anxiety to come in and make matters a lot worse it makes you shake it makes you think bad thoughts then you wind up lying in your bed no intrust in life, family, and friends, you start losing your appetite and not eating much, sleeping much, are have the will to go on but wait it has another friend that is going to join up pretty soon and it is bad enough to have stress and his friend anxiety beating up on you and if it is left untreated this next thing will do a lot more damage.


Hello depression, as if stress and anxiety were not enough here comes depression when all 3 of these is on you at one time it will be a nightmare you can’t eat, can’t sleep, and your mind goes in circles stress anxiety and depression are very real these 3 will not give up until they ruin your life.you will have thoughts of loneliness, thoughts that no one cares, and that life is not worth it and then the suicide thoughts set in and that is dangerous.


Seek Help, if you have any of these symptoms please seek some guidance it not your fault that you are going through this, and to let you know you’re not alone in this fight the world is in a mess at this time and so are all the precious people in it. Your life really does matter you may have a mother, father, son, or a daughter that need you very dearly so do it for you and them and beat these three bullies your life is worth a lot I know because I too have been where you may be right now thank you for visiting my website and if there is any way I can help just leave me a comment and I will get back with you


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