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Hello everyone come on in and have a seat. I”m glad you could join me today we are going to travel down the road with an Asphalt Paving Crew. Their way of life and insecurity of making it home safe each and every day I will be covering the equipment they use from rollers to hand tools and the dangers of the job they deal with on a daily basis. And also the safety gear that keeps us coming home every day I have been working in this industry for some time now and have seen some crazy stuff so Let’s get down to some great information. that I hope will help you all understand are a lifestyle.

The end and the start of the season

When you work on a paving crew it slows down in the middle to the end of November. I say that for states like North Carolina which has some cold months in the winter. We usually start back up in mid-February other states like Florida and Texas have different schedules. Paving season vary from each state in colder weather asphalt must be 5 to 7 degrees in Celsius and 40 to 45 degrees in Fahrenheit to putting it on the ground so it should be compacted within 16 minutes at a 1,5 inches thick so the basic is 40 and rising at a 1.5 thick when putting surface down other mixes like base our binder should be 35 and rising.


Dressed for safety

It times to start the season and we are ready to start laying down some asphalt and we got all of our safety gear on that is required by OSHA boots, hard hats, safety glasses with long pants no shorts shirt no tank tops our sleeveless shirts and safety vest. Orange or fluorescent green. So if you not dressed for safety you will be missing the first day of the season they have zero tolerance for that and zero for plucking on your cell phones while on the job. The company provides all the gear that is required for the job




Morning equipment check

well after the first cup of Joe operates checks their machines to make sure the fluids are all good. then we check all tires and drums for wear and that they are free from dabree and tack if there is anything on the drums and tire it has to be cleaned off before we get on the asphalt if not it could pick up and ruin what s getting laid down. Then we fill the tanks up with water to keep are tires and drums free of dirt and soils if you don’t use the water system on steel drums they will pick up on your mate. you have to keep your machine clean if not it doesn’t look good for your image are the companies.

The dangers of the job

We all have to look out for ourselves and everyone that is working on the site from the crew to the inspectors and the milling crew. There are dump trucks entering and exiting the job site, a down piece of equipment is another one of The dangers on the job people should not gather around are sit on equipment this downed equipment is closer to being off the worksite and out of the way of production. That is why it is important to keep your equipment in good working condition. We work on some major highways like interstate 77 and interstate 85 most of it being night work the traffic comes zooming by us at speeds reaching 70 miles an hour so anything can happen

Some motorists do not pay attention to road cones and the sign that traffic control has in place on job sites we have seen them just ignore the cones and drive right in the job site this happens too often the ones out there breaking the law drinking and driven are the most dangerous dunking drivers have killed a lot of us that work out there trying to keep roads in safe working condition for you

Above is a truck that was passing by us at over 80 miles an hour.

There are many more dangers I can show and I will here is a list of more

  1. slips and falls-not using the three-point contact rule while getting off and on your roller
  2. roll-overs -not wearing your seat belt and paying attention to slopes and other hazards while operating your roller
  3. trucks backing up – trucks backing up to paver. Stay out of in front of the paver
  4. heat- stay hydrated do not over exhaust
  5. night work- always stay very alert while working at night where all your brite safety cloths

we are family-The crew

We are around each other more than our own families so we grow to learn and help each other a lot we are family I would help anyone on the crew were not the same but when we are around each other we can tell when something is amiss with one of us so we offer help to each other to make life better some times we disagree with one another but in the end, we are still family working on a crew in asphalt is different than working in a factory all 13 of us eat together and cry together and we care a lot about each other real family and their well-being also and when you mess with one you mess with all

My closing statement

the roads and highways we work on belong to all of us we care about each and every one of you that travel these roads we want you safe while you travel them so my closing statement is think about us out here that are trying to keep you safe please pay attention to work zones and slow down and stay alert while driving through them. I thank you for reading my page and I do hope you stay safe and happy in life because, in the end, we want to get home to see are families


They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too, and those of us trying to stick to a healthy diet know how true that is. But you don’t have to sacrifice dessert simply because you’re committed to your health. If your cake is made with fresh ingredients and minimizes added sugar, you can treat yourself without feeling like you’ve abandoned your own wellness. Below are 5 healthy desserts you can easily make at home.

The Best Banana Muffins Recipe - The Girl Who Ate Everything

Banana Bread Muffins

Fruit is loaded with natural sugar, so these muffins require no sweeteners other than 3 to 4 ripe bananas. Mash them up, then mix them with flour, eggs, coconut oil, vanilla extract, baking soda, and cinnamon. Bake until brown and you’ll have a healthy, high-fiber and delicious dessert for days to come.

Homemade Fruit Popsicles (Vegan, Gluten Free) - Real Food Real Deals

Homemade Fruit Popsicles

Not sure what to do with overripe fruit? Squeeze them for their juice, pour the liquid into a popsicle mold, then top them off with water and a popsicle stick. Freeze it for a few hours and you’ll have fruity homemade ice pops with no added sugar, no artificial colors and no hefty supermarket tab.

strawberries & fat-free whipped cream | ....Heavenly! | Barb ...

Whipped Cream and Strawberries

Whip up some heavy cream at home with an egg beater, add a bit of vanilla extract and sweeten with agave. Cut up strawberries and dip them into your homemade whipped cream for an easy dessert. It will taste even more delicious than the supermarket’s canned whipped cream that’s loaded with artificial flavors and sugar.

Healthy Greek Yogurt Fruit Tart This post is sponsored by Dannon ...

Greek yogurt fruit tart

Buy some vegan tart crusts to start building this healthy, no-bake recipe. Fill the crusts with greek yogurt and top with cut fruit of your choice. (Obviously fresh fruit is more ideal than the canned stuff, which is often packed with added sugar). Serve your tarts with a cup of green or camomile tea for that extra touch of elegance.

Glasses with different protein shakes — Stock Photo © belchonock ...

Blended fruit shake

If you are lactose intolerant or have an aversion to dairy, replace the classic milkshake with a healthy fruit shake. Use ripe bananas as a way to sweeten the shake and blend your choice of fruits with almond or oat milk. Serve in a glass with a straw and add a strawberry to the rim as a garnish.


“Hello” everyone and thank you for visiting my website and clicking on this post-I do hope it will help you are someone you know that are having chest pains. But before we go on and get started on this subject. If you got here through a search and you are having severe chest pains Please call 911. Because it could be your life and no one wants to chance that. So Let’s move on and learn some more on chest pain

chest pain
Sudden pain in the chest, especially if it is severe, and it causes an alarm. Is it a “heart attack” is often the first thing that comes to mind. But the answer is most likely “no.” Heart attacks are by know means rare.- 1.5 million Americans have one over the course of a year. Sudden chest pains have a much less serious, cause.

The chest area, lying between the neck and the bottom of the rib cage, is subject to a verity of pains that stem from different areas. Most chest pains are due to a temporary, minor problem affecting the spine or the skin, muscles, and ribs of the chest wall. Occasionally, the pain occurs because of a serious disorder of the heart are the lungs. Unless the cause of any chest pain you have is apparent, then you need to contact a doctor for advice.

Minor cause of chest pain,

If you have a strained muscle, possibly as a result of overdoing something or a severe cough, you may feel sudden sharp that worsens with movement of the back can occasionally cause a sharp pain in the chest in addition to back pain, because some nerves emerge from the spine traveling around the body to the front of the chest.

Inflammation of the muscles between your ribs can cause sharp pain on one side of the chest This condition usually is the result of a viral infection and is accompanied by other symptoms, such as a sore throat, fever, or cough. If your chest pain is severe and president, it may be that a rib is fractured.if you do have a fractured rib or a strained muscle try to avoid a bunch

of movement.

broke ribs

Serious causes of chest pain,

Serious causes of chest pain are disorders of the heart are the lungs. Chest pain from the heart may indicate the onset of a life-threating condition. For this reason, it is essential that you are able to recognize the early signs of a heart attack and you are to distinguish them from less serious types of chest pain

Signs of a heart attack,

A heart attack occurs when one of the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart becomes blocked. The pain is an immediate signal that the heart muscle is being attacked. If you are anyone suffers severe chest pain without any apparent reason should get to the emergency department asap call 911 also here is a list of symptoms to look for

symptoms to look for,

  • A dull, crushing pain that feels like a heavyweight in the center of your chest the pain may spread to the neck and jaw and along the arms
  • Nausea that may are may not be accompanied by vomiting
  • severe fright and a strong sense that death is imminent

diagnose chest pain,

When you see your doctor about any suspicious chest pain, he or she will need to know whether you have other symptoms such as cough are difficulty breathing, Your doctor will listen to your heart and lungs with a stethoscope, and then measure your pulse and blood pressure, he may also have you get a chest x-ray and an ( ECG) electrocardiogram.

Treating chest pain

The treatment of serious causes of chest pain depends on the diagnosis. If a coronary heart disease is responsible for your angina or heart attack, you ybe prescribed drugs to improve the flow of blood to the heart muscle. In severe cases, you may need balloon angioplasty a coronary artery bypass operation to treat a narrowed or blocked artery.

A collapsed lung often heals on its own within a few days, but if it is severe you may need to have a tube inserted, to reinflate it. if you have pleurisy due to a lung infection, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Lung cancer is treated by surgery, radiation treatments, or chemotherapy.

My finale thought,

Whether it is minor chest pain or severe chest pain. It is your life and worth going to get it checkout if you know you have an injury that hs caused the chest pain then you can treat it and stop the pain but if it comes on with no warning and is severe do not hesitate to call 911 are get to the emergency ASAP the sooner you get help the better chance you have for survival

I would like to thank each and everyone that visited my  website and I do hope it has helped someone in need of some information on this subject  if you would like to leave a comment or concerns feel free to do so at the bottom of this post and I would be happy to answer

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Air fryers are the hot new appliance for trendy chefs, thanks in part to some excellent marketing and a few celebrity endorsements. But despite their names, no frying is actually being done inside these countertop cookers. An air fryer is actually just a convection oven, which bakes food by circulating hot air, as opposed to a deep-fryer, which would immerse food in hot oil. So is air-frying food better for you than deep-frying the old fashioned way? Let’s examine.

What happens to food when you fryer

One of the reasons deep-fried food is so delicious (albeit unhealthy) is that massive amounts of oil are used for frying. As you may remember from middle school science class, oil does not like water. When you fry something, you boil off the food’s water with hot oil, dehydrating its outside layer. But air fryers don’t dehydrate food in quite the same fashion.

Why are air-fryers so small?

Most air fryers have a small basket that holds food. To achieve that dehydrated “crunch” that comes from traditional frying, you can’t fill the basket with too many items. If you do, the hot air circulating won’t reach the food in the middle, resulting in inconsistent texture. (Some pieces will be crunchy, others will be soggy).

Baking vs frying

Both air fryers and traditional fryers heat up food to the point where a chemical reaction takes place. Known as the Maillard Reaction, it refers to the interaction of proteins and carbohydrates in the food, resulting in that “bakery smell” that makes your mouth water. Some researchers believe that cancer-causing chemicals also form during the Maillard Reaction, but with the air fryer, you won’t have the added carcinogens that come from heating up the oil.

So are air fryers healthy?

Yes, air-frying your food is definitely healthier than deep-frying. Since air fryers don’t involve huge vats of oil, you won’t be ingesting as much fat or as many calories as you would by eating deep-fried foods. 

Air fryers are also smaller and faster than regular ovens, so for busy single people, they are an excellent option for a hot, healthy meal. Easy to use and to store, it’s no wonder air fryers have become the must-have personal kitchen appliance of 2020.


This my story about stress and what causes it as you all know stress can lead to depression and anxiety stress walks around in all sort of life and it has no race color are creed who it attacks and no respect for human life it has a couple of friends that follow it around and in the next couple of paragraphs in this post we will be calling them out, but first lets deal with stress and where it comes from.


KNOCK KNOCK/ WHO THERE? It is stress and I see you are having some problems in your life, so let me help by making it worse, if stress were a living talking thing this is what it would say stress comes from your thoughts and feeling after something tragic happens in your life, for instance, a death of a loved one, or some bad news from a doctor about your health or someone you are close to health, like a friend, or family member, but there are different kinds of stress the one I just talked about is the sad one and we have the one that attacks you, when you get worried from a job loss are getting behind on bills and that leads to one of stresses friends

Come On Inn Anxiety, If stress is not treated this is what happens stress invites his friend anxiety to come in and make matters a lot worse it makes you shake it makes you think bad thoughts then you wind up lying in your bed no intrust in life, family, and friends, you start losing your appetite and not eating much, sleeping much, are have the will to go on but wait it has another friend that is going to join up pretty soon and it is bad enough to have stress and his friend anxiety beating up on you and if it is left untreated this next thing will do a lot more damage.


Hello depression, as if stress and anxiety were not enough here comes depression when all 3 of these is on you at one time it will be a nightmare you can’t eat, can’t sleep, and your mind goes in circles stress anxiety and depression are very real these 3 will not give up until they ruin your will have thoughts of loneliness, thoughts that no one cares, and that life is not worth it and then the suicide thoughts set in and that is dangerous.


Seek Help, if you have any of these symptoms please seek some guidance it not your fault that you are going through this, and to let you know you’re not alone in this fight the world is in a mess at this time and so are all the precious people in it. Your life really does matter you may have a mother, father, son, or a daughter that need you very dearly so do it for you and them and beat these three bullies your life is worth a lot I know because I too have been where you may be right now thank you for visiting my website and if there is any way I can help just leave me a comment and I will get back with you


hot line


sunflower seeds


Sunflower seeds might be your snack of choice for baseball games (good choice, by the way). But did you know that aside from their deliciousness, sunflower seeds are chocked-full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients? Let’s take a look at the health benefits of these seeds.

Lots of Healthy Fats

Sunflower seeds are full of mono and polyunsaturated fats. These fats stimulate more production of HDL, the protein that carries cholesterol out of your blood vessels and back to your liver. Unlike saturated fats that you’d find in animal products, unsaturated fats can help decrease inflammation and protect your heart in the long run.

Fiber and Protein

Don’t bother with artificial fiber and protein shakes. They taste chalky and no one has fun choking them down. Instead, grab a bag of sunflower seeds. These will fill you up and you’ll actually enjoy eating them. They make a great, healthy snack as well, so feel free to indulge anytime, anywhere.


Magnesium is an important mineral that plays a role in almost every biological process in your body. It’s necessary for energy production, protein production, and a host of other essential functions. Sunflower seeds are naturally high in magnesium, so there’s no need to spend lots of money on magnesium supplements!

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can help fight cancer and decrease inflammation. If you hate taking Vitamin E capsules, try sunflower seeds instead. This more natural way of getting this vitamin means that you’ll absorb more of it. 


Zinc is an important component of many proteins and enzymes in your body. One great advantage of eating sunflower seeds is that it’s practically impossible to overdose on zinc. If you’re taking vitamin supplements, the risk of getting too much is higher. Stick to natural sources of zinc in a well-balanced diet for the ultimate health benefit.


The coronavirus is an invisible enemy that countries all over the world are fighting. But as governments and health organizations focus the battle on virology, individuals sheltering at home are fighting a different invisible foe as well: mental health complications.

While spending endless time watching Netflix in our sweatpants may sound like fun on the surface, anxiety over job loss, our family’s health, and the day-to-day uncertainty of a global pandemic can take its toll on our emotional well-being. Here’s more on the factors that have contributed to a crisis of mental health amid a pandemic of physical health.

Job Loss

One of the earliest consequences of COVID-19 was the closure of restaurants, bars, and shopping centers that are not conducive to social-distancing. Millions of people around the world in those business sectors either lost a job or were furloughed indefinitely as their workplaces closed the doors.

Soon, offices were forced to close as well, and most workers who could not do their jobs remotely found themselves without a paycheck or required to challenge the health Gods. As the economy responded to the lockdowns, many more companies were forced to downsize, causing massive lay-offs. All of this is ripe for producing widespread stress and anxiety.

Bills Add Up

With the stress of job loss comes the stress about paying rent and other bills. While some states have put a moratorium on rent and mortgage payments, it doesn’t alleviate the mounting debt. After all, how can people expect to postpone three, four, or even five months of rent or mortgage if they don’t have a job? Whether it is a postponed rent payment or a rent strike, as some have advocated, the ripple effect of this affects landlords (who are people too), banks, and ultimately the entire economic system.

Am I Going to Get Sick?

Financial woes aside, there are also a host of social and health-related stressors. It’s bad enough that people are scraping together what little money they have to buy food and necessities. But now people fear simply going outside. What happens if you get sick? Do you have dependable health insurance? What about your family? Would they be able to take care of themselves if you were in quarantine or in the hospital for weeks? Such open-ended questions are enough to create anxiety.

Essential Worker Worries

Even for those fortunate enough to still have a job, all don’t have the luxury of working from home. Essential workers have the added stress of stepping into harm’s way when they do their job. Frontline medical workers are exposed to the coronavirus for long, extended hours, but they’re not the only ones facing the virus head-on. Public transit employees, delivery people, warehouse workers, and emergency-response officers all face the threat of contraction each day, which yields anxiety in them and for their loved ones.

The Stress of Social Isolation

Finally, social isolation itself is a stressor. Humans are, by evolution, social creatures. It can be difficult to cope with being alone in a house for days without human interaction. Those with pre-existing mental health conditions, like depression, addiction, or clinical anxiety, face an uphill battle if they are weathering the crisis alone. Moreover, authorities have noted an uptick in reports of domestic violence since the start of lockdown orders, since some have been forced to isolate with an abusive partner.

Time to Reach Out

It’s clear that the viral pandemic is not the only health crisis afflicting the world right now. But it’s more important now than ever to reach out for help if you’re struggling with mental illness or even a longer-than-usual bout of anxiety. Call a friend or a loved one to talk, and be honest with them. You are not alone in feeling this way.

There are also a variety of resources at your disposal if you’d like help managing your mental health. Here are just a few:

You are not alone in this fight.


Most states in the US may have plateaued in terms of daily coronavirus-related deaths, including hard-hit states like Washington, New York, and New Jersey. But experts remain worried that there will be a second wave of COVID-19, a bleak forecast during a time when many states are attempting to reopen their economies. A second wave is likely to come in fall or winter, coinciding with the flu season. Here’s why experts are concerned.

Reopening too quickly

Singapore and Hong Kong have already witnessed the second wave of COVID-19 cases after rushing to reopen stores and businesses. Both countries eased restrictions even though the virus was still present and active among the population.

In the US, if social-distancing guidelines are relaxed too early, we too could see a surge in the spread of the virus. Such a resurgence could overwhelm hospital systems still recovering from the first wave. The danger is highest in areas of high population density.

Take, for instance, the New York Metropolitan Area, the country’s most densely-populated region, and one of the worst-hit by the pandemic. The dire impact of the virus is due in large part to the tightly-packed population, which enabled the virus to rapidly spread from person-to-person.

If restrictions are lifted in such regions before the virus is sufficiently contained, the person-to-person spread of the virus could once again lead to devastating consequences, both for residents and for the healthcare systems still scrambling to keep up with patient demand.

Data from past pandemics

History provides further evidence that the virus could return for a second wave. The H1N1 pandemic, for example, declined in 2009 before returning that fall with even greater levels of hospitalizations. And the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 killed more people in its second coming than it did in its first spell.

It’s unlikely that a COVID-19 vaccine will be available by fall when experts believe the second wave of the virus will rear its ugly head. Such a resurgence would coincide with the flu season, putting a deeper strain on the healthcare system.

But even if we don’t know for sure how severe a second wave could be, or when we should expect it, there are still preparations that states ought to be making right now. For the country’s most vulnerable regions, that means not rushing to reopen public spaces while the virus is still active. Doing what we can to contain the disease now will help us when we face the virus again later this year.


tooth ache

if you ever had a toothache you truly know what real pain is. The feeling of pain and anger the sleepless nights trying everything you can to make the pain go away the unsure feeling when you can’t see a dentist for a couple of days knowing that if it eases of any it will return in a matter of hours are minutes But to let you know there are things you can do to ease the pain and suffering until you can see the dentist and I am going to give you tips and remedies on things that may help you and go into something to prevent it and what to do before you get a toothache.


What is a toothache

A toothache is an infection around your tooth and gum if left untreated the infected area can get worse and get in your bloodstream causing you to get sick in some cases severely the toothache will not kill you but the infection can be fatal if you do not take care of it as soon as possible.

the start of a toothache

When you feel a toothache coming on you probably need to get prepared unless you can get straight to a dentist. have a cavity that you have not gone to the dentist and took care of it you should already be prepared at all times it could start hurting after you eat or drink something. Most of the time yo have no warning of the start of a toothache but if you start having a sharp are a dull pain every couple minutes then that should tell you that there is one coming on.

what causes a toothache

A toothache is usually caused by poor dental hygiene that leads to cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease it is when you get a tooth abscess and it could be caused by eating or drinking something cold are even breathing in the winter air are trama like an injury to the face and jaw chewing gum are eating something sweet can also cause a toothache next I am going to tell you how toothache are prevented

how to prevent toothaches

I believe you are taught dental hygiene when your small if you’re not taught to take care of your teeth when your young it will affect the way you take care of your teeth when you get older The best way and only way to prevent toothaches is to brush and floss regularly and have regular checkups with your dentist also eating rite and watching the things you chew on will also help with loss of enamel and tooth decay


Toothache medicine,

There are medicines dentists will give you scripts for your tooth until he or she can see you most dentists will not pull a tooth are fill a cavity until all the absent is gone down bellow is a list of things that will help along with toothache medicine.

  • Rinse with saltwater and baking soda
  • oil of cloth
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Thyme oil
  • perceptions of antibiotics
  • Prescription of Percocet for severe pain only
  • prescription of ibuprofen for moderate pain

These are things you can do for the infection and pain until you can get in to see the dentist.


A toothache is some of the worst pain I have ever endured I would not wish it on anyone so in saying this please take care of your teeth and brush , with regular checkups because that is the only way that you can prevent a toothache and tooth loss I thank you for visiting my website and I hope it will help you are someone with this problem if you have any questions are concerns feel free to replay at the bottom of the post




As we keep an eye on the COVID -19 and America being on house arrest for more than 2 months and the economy going down the drain the urgency of unlocking America is being considered is it too soon?  I am writing this post to get some opinions and thought of the readers and all the public on this matter as I wonder myself about all the talk and hype about this epidemic how it came about were it started and why it got put out into the world? I am just like you I would love to know the real reasons for this deadly virus.there are a lot of things that we hear and I am going to list some that I have heard and you have also.

True or False Therorys,

  • Is it man-made? it has been repeatedly said the virus was created by humans is this true are false?
  • Chinese biological weapon?
  • Blaming 5G?
  • Blaming Bill Gates?
  • Did the virus escape from a Chinese Lab?
  • US military imported COVID into China?
  • Covid-19 does it even exist

These are some of the theories that we all will need answers too after this is said and done with are any of theses true are did it even exist if it does exist are they opening the country up to effect more because they did not get enough the first go around? I don’t know any more than anyone else All I know is if are government are any other person is this evil to not have moral values on are life are any other country then they should be dealt with accordingly,

         Grand reopening,

Ok, whether we as Americans think it is time are not it seems they are starting to open some things back up a little at a time this is a good thing as long as the virus is slowing down and showing that it is weakening. Somehow we are always letting someone else speak for us and it shows. And I do hope these congressmen and women do have are lives in their best interest but let us as Americans be alert and be careful because this is my feelings we have already been stabbed in the back. and there are a lot of answers that they owe us. The Democrats are evil and they have proven it time after time that there is nothing they wouldn’t do to get rid of Trump. so please keep your mask on keeping your gloves handy and stay socially distance even when we reopen. let us not take are shield’s down

My Finale Thought,

Thank you a lot for visiting my site and reading some of my posts. what I write about is just my opinion on the subject and in this subject, I hope we all will take it seriously if you have any questions are opinions on this subject I would love to hear each one because I’m open for any answers are thoughts you have so i hope to hear from anyone and I do hope your happy and healthy and my you have a blissful day and thank you again for reading my post