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Hello everyone come on in and have a seat. I”m glad you could join me today we are going to travel down the road with an Asphalt Paving Crew. Their way of life and insecurity of making it home safe each and every day I will be covering the equipment they use from rollers to hand tools and the dangers of the job they deal with on a daily basis. And also the safety gear that keeps us coming home every day I have been working in this industry for some time now and have seen some crazy stuff so Let’s get down to some great information. that I hope will help you all understand are a lifestyle.

The end and the start of the season

When you work on a paving crew it slows down in the middle to the end of November. I say that for states like North Carolina which has some cold months in the winter. We usually start back up in mid-February other states like Florida and Texas have different schedules. Paving season vary from each state in colder weather asphalt must be 5 to 7 degrees in Celsius and 40 to 45 degrees in Fahrenheit to putting it on the ground so it should be compacted within 16 minutes at a 1,5 inches thick so the basic is 40 and rising at a 1.5 thick when putting surface down other mixes like base our binder should be 35 and rising.


Dressed for safety

It times to start the season and we are ready to start laying down some asphalt and we got all of our safety gear on that is required by OSHA boots, hard hats, safety glasses with long pants no shorts shirt no tank tops our sleeveless shirts and safety vest. Orange or fluorescent green. So if you not dressed for safety you will be missing the first day of the season they have zero tolerance for that and zero for plucking on your cell phones while on the job. The company provides all the gear that is required for the job




Morning equipment check

well after the first cup of Joe operates checks their machines to make sure the fluids are all good. then we check all tires and drums for wear and that they are free from dabree and tack if there is anything on the drums and tire it has to be cleaned off before we get on the asphalt if not it could pick up and ruin what s getting laid down. Then we fill the tanks up with water to keep are tires and drums free of dirt and soils if you don’t use the water system on steel drums they will pick up on your mate. you have to keep your machine clean if not it doesn’t look good for your image are the companies.

The dangers of the job

We all have to look out for ourselves and everyone that is working on the site from the crew to the inspectors and the milling crew. There are dump trucks entering and exiting the job site, a down piece of equipment is another one of The dangers on the job people should not gather around are sit on equipment this downed equipment is closer to being off the worksite and out of the way of production. That is why it is important to keep your equipment in good working condition. We work on some major highways like interstate 77 and interstate 85 most of it being night work the traffic comes zooming by us at speeds reaching 70 miles an hour so anything can happen

Some motorists do not pay attention to road cones and the sign that traffic control has in place on job sites we have seen them just ignore the cones and drive right in the job site this happens too often the ones out there breaking the law drinking and driven are the most dangerous dunking drivers have killed a lot of us that work out there trying to keep roads in safe working condition for you

Above is a truck that was passing by us at over 80 miles an hour.

There are many more dangers I can show and I will here is a list of more

  1. slips and falls-not using the three-point contact rule while getting off and on your roller
  2. roll-overs -not wearing your seat belt and paying attention to slopes and other hazards while operating your roller
  3. trucks backing up – trucks backing up to paver. Stay out of in front of the paver
  4. heat- stay hydrated do not over exhaust
  5. night work- always stay very alert while working at night where all your brite safety cloths

we are family-The crew

We are around each other more than our own families so we grow to learn and help each other a lot we are family I would help anyone on the crew were not the same but when we are around each other we can tell when something is amiss with one of us so we offer help to each other to make life better some times we disagree with one another but in the end, we are still family working on a crew in asphalt is different than working in a factory all 13 of us eat together and cry together and we care a lot about each other real family and their well-being also and when you mess with one you mess with all

My closing statement

the roads and highways we work on belong to all of us we care about each and every one of you that travel these roads we want you safe while you travel them so my closing statement is think about us out here that are trying to keep you safe please pay attention to work zones and slow down and stay alert while driving through them. I thank you for reading my page and I do hope you stay safe and happy in life because, in the end, we want to get home to see are families


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